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We only use the best materials available to create a personalized, long-lasting beautiful living area that fits all your needs.


From interlock and retaining walls to decks and fencing,

we offer a full variety of services to fit most peoples needs!

Landscaping design

Trying to design your ideal living space yourself can be confusing. Most people find it easier to visualize something than it being explained to them or shown to them in a brochure. With our landscape and renovations 3D design software we can generate high resolution images of your home and the finished project. 

Landscape transformation construction

ProStone Landscaping & Contracting

will provide an exceptional service with the interests of our clients in mind in all aspects of planning, design, and landscape construction process. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and strive to complete all work on time while following and exceeding all relevant trade practices.

interlock backyard patio chestnut brown

Front walkway? Backyard Oasis?Whether you’re inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon or the waterfalls of Iceland, there’s always

potential to create a fully immersive outdoor escape in your own backyard. Comprehensive design,

professional transformation with attention to the smallest details matched with our satisfaction 

guaranty, we know you'll be enjoying our work for years to come!



Garland Landscaping


Founded in 2013, Garland Landscaping is proud to be located in the small town of Vars as it is convenient to provide services to customers to neighbouring towns, including Ottawa. The owner, James Garland has acquired exceptional work ethics on the family farm. He has also learned his work methods from his dedicated parents.


Although farmwork is simply second nature, James discovered his true passion for artistic landscapes

at a young age and dreamed of starting his own business in this beautiful region.

JGC Consulting Inc.


Jean-Guy Chauvin co-owner at PROStone Landscaping & Contracting is a career Hardware Design Engineer at several Hi-Tech companies in the Telecom and Datacom sector. In this career, he designed multiple cards for multiple applications and multiple systems all while developing a crisp understanding for customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations. This clarity and comfort with customers also paved the way to impeccable project management skills as demonstrated during each project delivering on time and on budget.

The experience acquired in engineering and project management is easily transferable to landscaping projects in order to compartmentalize the various tasks and to ensure proper timing of tasks and delivery products & services. From the time he built his own house 30 years ago, Jean-Guy has been forever completing projects in landscaping, woodworking, and construction. The skills acquired during these projects has propelled Jean-Guy to obtain certifications with Landscape Ontario and Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute North America.

Joined forces!

Founded in 2018, We are pleased to announce that Garland Landscaping and JGC Consulting are combining into a single unified company, known as ProStone Landscaping & Contracting effective Spring 2018.  As both companies have worked together on many projects with great success, this integration makes perfect sense. We are excited about the many benefits that this brings to all of our clients, as we continue to grow and offer an even wider range of services while remaining efficient and meticulous.



Natural flag stone - Navan

Natural flag stone - Navan

Deck and patio - Orleans

Deck and patio - Orleans

backyard patio - Navan

backyard patio - Navan

Natural Stone front step - Ottawa

Natural Stone front step - Ottawa

Backyard transformation - Orleans

Backyard transformation - Orleans

Backyard oasis - Embrun

Backyard oasis - Embrun

Front interlock - Embrun

Front interlock - Embrun

Backyard - Ottawa

Backyard - Ottawa

Deck - Limoges

Deck - Limoges

Gaudreau Project

Gaudreau Project

A simple yet elegant front entrance walkway

Mushing project

Mushing project

A peaceful patio setup in a beautiful relaxing backyard

Blache Project

Blache Project

An illuminated fire pit seating area with beautiful stone contours

Allison Project

Allison Project

A dream back yard patio seating area for guests to enjoy countless hours of entertainment



Q: How do I chose the right contractor for any job?

A: Choosing the right contractor for your project is crucial for both piece of mind and quality of work. After all this is your dream home, do you want it in the hands of an inexperienced contractor?

The landscaping and construction industry does suffer from poor quality workmanship as many other trades do. Unfortunately some contractors seek to make a quick buck, offer poor, sub-par work and leave many unhappy clients in their wake. Often repairs and tear outs are common practice to fix the mistakes. Thankfully these people do not last.

If you are unsure we would suggest meeting with several contractors. You need to feel comfortable and trust that the contractor is going to follow through with what is proposed. Are they a licensed and insured company? Do they have a website? Can they provide informative and competent answers to your questions? You can expect to ‘get what you pay for’ with many trades, and cheapest isn’t always the best option.

Does the contractor promote and affiliate themselves within their own industry? Currently we are proud members of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and certified by landscape Ontario.

ProStone Landscaping & Contracting is a full service Landscape Construction Company. We rarely advertise other than our web page and Facebook for protfolio pictures. 80% of our work is based off referrals alone. All of the photos online are of our own projects, not images gathered from another source. We have invested in the people, equipment and vehicles to help build our brand as a professional Landscape Construction Company.

Q: How long will my project take?

A: It really depends on the scope of your project. A simple turf replacement and garden beds can generally be installed in a few days. A more complex design perhaps involving a retaining wall, paving stone or natural stone may take several weeks. As a general guide most projects are finished within 1-2 weeks. However they can stretch as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the size and complexity. You will be provided with an quote that includes a project duration estimate.

Q: How much does landscaping cost?

A: With most projects, we understand that budget is always a factor. It is very hard to put a dollar figure on projects as there are so many variables with lot size, material quantities and labour. Simple projects such as turf and garden replacements are generally a lot less expensive than larger ones. For more involved designs with stone such as paving stone, retaining wall block, flagstone and natural rock boulders, more time, labour, materials and resources are needed and this will increase the cost of your project. Further to a site visit, we will gladly provide a free estimate.

Q: When should I be contacting you for an estimate?

A: As soon as possible. Every season we try to accommodate all of our clients in a timely fashion. To be fair we will complete the projects in order of which they are booked. There are a limited number of workable months in the season so therefore the earlier a prospective client contacts us the better chance we have of getting their project completed sooner. We work on 3D Designs and quotations starting in January.

Q: What should I expect as a client?

A: ProStone Landscaping & Contracting will uphold the expectations of its clients at all times. We strive for open communication between both the client and ProStone Landscaping & Contracting to achieve the desired results the first time around. You can expect a professional and organized job site left clean and tidy after every day. All staff will be in uniform and shall present themselves in a friendly and approachable manner should you have a questions.

Q: Do you work on multiple jobs at the same time?

A: No. We are a smaller company of hardworking professionals. It doesn’t make sense to stretch our equipment and crew members between multiple sites and expect good results AND happy clients. That’s why we complete one project at a time to ensure the quality clients have come to expect from us. We will be on site every day, weather permitting until project completion.

Q: I'm worried that my utilities might get damaged and leave me with an expensive bill?

A: ProStone Landscaping & Contracting is a registered contractor with Ontario One Call. We submit all of our locate requests online. We do not start any of our projects until all relevant utilities on your property have been located.

Q: Am I in charge of picking up left over debris and construction material after the job is done? It's happened many times in the past..

A: We get asked this question almost every time.. Unfortunately some contractors don't own trash cans! You can expect ALL construction material & waste to be removed from site at the completion of every job. Your home will look clean and tidy after the project is completed.

Q: I have some ideas, but how can I express them?

A: That’s great! A simple drawing of yours on a piece of paper helps the design process a lot. The more confident you are on exactly what style of yard and layout you want the easier it is to design it and start the construction process. If you're unsure, let us help! We have plenty of experience designing projects for all different styles. We can use our 3D Landscaping & Renovations software to help you visualize your project before it's done!

Q: How can I speed up the quotation process?

A: Take notes, pictures or any other ideas you have and present them at the initial site visit. Pintrest is a great way to show off your style and preferences... Pin away!



Inquiries & Quotes

For inquiries, questions or information, please call: (613) 290-2181 for James Garland, (613) 889-4771 for Jean-Guy Chauvin or fill out the following form:


To apply for a job with ProStone, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: James@Prostonelandscaping.ca

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